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It didn't work but I still got a good grade.

Why has the number of teenagers taking design and technology GCSE dropped?

I recall that a guy in my college class made for his HNC project a clock I think I used a project I did at work, a box for controlling the thickness of the deposition of an anti-reflection coating on CCD camera chips for satellite use I think it was for a camera on Envisat, but could be wrong. The college tutor seemed to like it, especially as we had to get togged up and go into the clean room so he could see the unit in use.

Thanks again for the replys I was thinking of doing a snooker scoreboard which consists of two screens. That keep separate scores and you can adjust the score individually with plus and minus buttons. Is this a reasonable idea or if not what do you think is the best idea so far in this thread. Dave Weystoner Active Member.

How To Draw For GCSE Electronic Products AQA

How about a device that measures house insulation efficiency? No idea how it would work, but I would buy one. GaryB Well-known Member. GaryB said:.

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My dad used to use a tennis ball on a piece of string. When it touched the back window, the car was in the right place.

GCSE Design and Technology - BBC Bitesize

Moisture sensor the electonics of it is fairly simple but you could add lights buzzers etc and dress it up in some fancy plastic. GasDad Remembered My Physics A level practical module Put V DC into a rotring technical drawing pen - the ink became charged - with the result it sprayed ink - got it to draw patterns using a couple of signal generators and a couple of charged metal deflector plates. I think ill stick with the snooker scoreboard. I did a car-parking counter.

Essentially it's just a counter which has a switch to count "in" and increments a display, and another switch to count "out" which decrements the display. There's plenty of scope for expanding as the chips can be daisy chained from single digit up to as many as you like so you can start with a single digit device and increase as time allows. There's also flexibility in terms of input - I used simple switches which then had to be debounced but it's really just a trigger so light or pressure sensing swithces are an easy upgrade.


You can also add more logic and block any increases in value refusing entry once a certain number is reached. Finding a project that is modular helps make the write-up better and more involving as you can focus on areas which interest you once the main process is out of the way and easily write about scalability, cost and reliablility within the real-world environment. Newton's Ring Active Member. It didn't work for me but I still like the idea.

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Be careful you don't flood the house though because carpet never dries out properly after an event like that. IronGiant Moderator. That reminds me of the moisture sensor in my tumble drier that is supposed to turn it off when the clothes are dry, but actually turns it off while the clothes are still damp, useless feature. So how about a tumble drier ball like the ones JML sell with moisture sensors built in that send a wireless signal to an external control unit either sounding an alarm or even switching the machine off when the clothes are dry.

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    This set of guides have been put together by myself as a way of spreading the success that we have enjoyed in our school in Electronic products GCSE and A-level DT with electronics. This Ebook will cover most of the course specification for all exam boards for The Ebook contains all of the guide sheets, exemplary material, picture guides and revision program developed for the Electronic Products GCSE.

    This is an Ebook which will support you or your child in developing coursework and revision for the exam. How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product.

    gcse electronic products coursework Gcse electronic products coursework
    gcse electronic products coursework Gcse electronic products coursework
    gcse electronic products coursework Gcse electronic products coursework
    gcse electronic products coursework Gcse electronic products coursework
    gcse electronic products coursework Gcse electronic products coursework

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