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Marketing audit: It is one of the most basic steps which are part of marketing process.

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Through marketing audit the organization can definitely identify the situation of competition within the industry, recent trends, growth possibilities etc. Environmental analysis: It is another very crucial stage that equally responsible for informing the company about their business environment within the market.

But here the external and internal analysis got relevance to Mulberry. STP: The term STP stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning that become the fundamental activity of whole marketing process. Without segmenting and targeting other strategies could never took place in entire marketing process. Further the positioning could provide competitive advantage to Mulberry in UK fashion retain business.

Marketing mix: At last the marketing mix elements are also most prioritized area of concern with respect to strengthening the marketing process. It includes product, price, place and promotional mix for the Mulberry. Thus these are four stages of marketing process for the cited organization. The marketing orientation is an activity in which company can understand their market, customers, trends and their habits.

Further through marketing orientation the organization can make employees familiar to their marketing culture. Thus the major benefit of marketing orientation is that the employees understand the marketing culture of company and the objectives could also become clear to them. Through marketing orientation the employees can get the targets and their roles and responsibilities could be provided to them. The list of benefits that could be availed by Mulberry is that they could deliver training and development as per their requirement and the competency level of staff could be increased.

The training modules could be designed as per the industry and product so the productivity of employees could be improved. Thus these are certain benefits of marketing orientation that could be experienced by the organization. The cost is related to the less positive results of the training sessions. The employee may not get proper education about customers, market, competitors then the extra cost could be occurred for the business entity.

The best marketing orientation that could be adopted by the cited organization is related to their product orientation. The sales team should get proper information about the material that has been used within the product to manufacture it. The level of quality could be explained and the target market could also be clear to staff people. The product orientation could be beneficial in terms of luxury products and Mulberry deals into the luxury segment. Show the macro and micro factors that influence the marketing decision of Mulberry.

What is Marketing Mix, 7P's of marketing

The description of pest analysis is given below:. Less entry restrictions for fashion retail store so there are chances of less political interventions while expanding at international level. Not very strict legal aspects only general legal formalities are required to be fulfilled.

They deal in luxurious segment so that impact of inflation or recession is not so high on sales of fashion retail stores. The willingness and spending capacity of people to buy luxury apparels and accessories is increasing. The luxury product has become status symbol so Mulberry has advantage to target more number of people. People have become more health conscious as luxury apparels are good for skin. Upper middle section can also afford the luxury and branded apparels so it widen the area of segmentation. The equipments and machineries have become so advanced which enable them to improve productivity and quality both.

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Internally the supply chain and inventory management could be managed easily. The description of SWOT analysis is given below:.

Marketing strategies are weak to outrun other brands like Burberry and Gucci. The Brands like Bottega Veneta and Celine have got increased market share. Examine the concept of market segmentation and propose effective segmentation criteria for Mulberry and targeting strategy to be used by company. Market segmentation is an activity in which a company segregates the market on the basis of their product quality, price and other features.

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The segmentation is necessary with an aim of moving into right direction with respect to the marketing objectives. Flagship- The most important one out of related group or system. Android- Operating system based on the Linux kernel and mainly designed for touch screen smartphones and computer tablets. OS- Operating system Collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides a general service for computer programs.

Android Ad- Advertising. They had been in this position for quite some time. But things drastically changed; the story of Samsung mobile in the mobile phone industry was one almost low profile company with distinct products and low cost product portfolio. In less than a decade, they managed to emerge the market leaders in the smartphone industry. So how did this happen? In this industry, of fierce competition, the companies have been forced to come up with very creative technological innovation and winning marketing strategies.

When iPhone was launched by Apple Inc. From then Apples' iPhone and Android phones, which are offered by Samsung, HTC and Nokia have tried their best in competing in this ever changing high-tech market and so far have qualified to be the big players in the Smartphone industry. In a fast growing industry, time is everything and every company wants to possess most innovative technology and products before its competitors. Samsung is currently the top Smartphone manufacturer in Europe. At the end of Samsung had Samsung overtook Nokia in April to claim the top spot, a position it had maintained for long.

Apple came second with As the worldwide Smartphone sales increased by Samsung mobile phone led with 98 million units in Q3, commanding They introduced its first Windows phone in They offer great variety of products that target a wide range of customer segments in the market. Example is the, Galaxy Music, which are for music lovers. It includes features like easy access to music and surrounds sound. For the people who value innovative technology, they are offered Galaxy S3, which has also a mini version for those who find it too big.

Some time back, Samsung was struggling to catch up with big players like iPhone in the Smartphone market. And now it is the leading company in the market with the addition of being the largest technology company by revenue. With the introduction of Galaxy S4 Smartphone, they have brought a whole new package of Smartphone with impressive features.

Samsung has always been under accusation of copying iPhone, which got them into trouble by losing a high-profile case to Apple Inc. The Jury found Samsung to have infringed the Apple Utility, that is Design patents but not for all products.

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Luckily for them this legal and marketing warfare didn't slow its momentum nor dimmed its ambitions. Samsung still lags behind Apple even after its success in the perception of most innovative company. The study will concentrate on the consumer perception regarding Samsung marketing strategy to structure the conclusion of the studies. What are consumer perceptions to Samsung marketing strategies? What are the marketing strategies of Samsung Galaxy devices that may have caused its growth in the smartphone market?

The mission statement is the starting point for the strategies and plans. Drucker, , 57 A company needs to answer five questions to define its mission statement.

Drucker, By answering these questions, will determine the choice of strategy so that it leads to accomplish the goals set in the mission statement. The mission is defined by the skills, market segments and the added value. Who are the customers?

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And what can the business do for the customer? They continue by urging that successful companies know their mission in continuously changing environment, this knowledge will add them the discipline and efficiency to focus their efforts on the primary task of correctly serving their customers Viardot, Figure 1. With this new vision, Samsung commitment is to inspire its communities by taking advantage of its key strength, creative solutions, innovative products and new technology, as they continue to promote its new values for Samsung core networks. This includes industry, partners and employees.

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Samsung hopes to contribute a better world and rich experience for all, using this efforts. So far, in its management, Samsung have established 3 strategic approaches that include creativity, partnership and talent. Samsung dedication is to be a creative leader in new markets and wants to become a No.

It looks like Samsung is set to change its reputation of being fast followers, a company that succeeds through watching others pioneer new technologies and markets and then rush in behind. In spite of its success, Samsung still lags behind Apple in terms of which is the most innovative company.


For them to get the kind of growth they have in their mission, they have to make the transition from being innovation follower to innovation leaders. It started as a small export business within Korea that produced food and sugar.

dissertation on marketing mix Dissertation on marketing mix
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dissertation on marketing mix Dissertation on marketing mix
dissertation on marketing mix Dissertation on marketing mix
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